Pascale Legal Salisbury Christmas Parade

Pascale Legal Barristers & Solicitors were pleased to be part of the Salisbury Community Christmas Parade, exhibiting our funny inflatable snowmen costumes!

Every year, the Salisbury Business Association hosts the Salisbury Community Christmas Parade. Last year was our first ever year showcasing our costumes, and it was so much fun that we decided to walk in the parade this year too! The parade was held on John Street, Salisbury, and this year there were over 1800 participants in the parade!

We had so much fun handing out lollies and balloons to the children and families who attended the parade. We saw so many smiling and laughing faces as we walked past the thousands of people in the crowd. Some people even usked us to stop for photos with them!

On the way back to the office, we were stopped by a woman who took photos for the Northern Messenger newspaper. In the middle of Ann Street, we got to participate in a photoshoot! It was such a special day.

Below is a funny photo we took to impersonate the Abbey Road Beatles Cover.


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