Pascale Legal Barristers & Solicitors Salisbury

The team you want on your side

Pascale Legal Barristers & Solicitors is an established and well-respected legal practice with an experienced team of lawyers in Salisbury, South Australia.

Pascale Legal are highly qualified barristers and solicitors offering a comprehensive range of legal services representing clients in all jurisdictions including the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

The Pascale Legal team has extensive legal knowledge and maintains a steadfast commitment to keeping abreast changes to laws and legal procedures, thereby ensuring they consistently achieve the very best results for clients across all areas of law.

Unlike traditional firms, Pascale Legal view themselves as the new face of the legal profession; understanding and friendly, yet extremely effective. When you choose a Pascale Legal Barrister or Solicitor to represent or assist you, they understand the need to listen intently for details that can make the difference, and to communicate effectively keeping all concerned ‘in the loop’. Importantly, they take a personal interest in their clients, and understand the agreement or settlement reached can have a major impact on the future of individuals and families alike.

At Pascale Legal your matter is in the finest legal hands.

If you’re looking for trusted and effective professional legal advice, call us today on 8250 0404 to arrange an appointment at our Salisbury office. Your first interview is free and we gladly act in matters funded by Legal Aid.

Liability limited by a scheme under the Professional Standards Legislation.

Specific Areas of Expertise:
• Criminal Law
• Traffic Law
• Family Law
• Care and Protection
• Wills & Estate/Succession Planning
• Estate Administration
• Powers of Attorney
• Advanced Care Directives
• Bank Guarantees