Pascale Legal - Peter Caruso

Peter Caruso


Barrister & Solicitor
Junior Associate

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Law
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Care Directives
  • Estate Administration
  • Family Law
  • Assisting Solicitor to Ms Pascale in Criminal Law, Succession Planning and Family Law Matters

Peter prides himself on doing well in matters. He eagerly promotes the interests of his clients whether that be at court, in negotiations or through the drafting of documents.

At the firm, Peter practices in Criminal Law, Succession Planning and Family Law.

As a criminal lawyer, he works towards either a withdrawal, downgrading of charges or mitigation of penalty.

Peter regularly appears for and represents clients in minor indictable and summary criminal matters being heard in the Magistrate Court jurisdictions and assists Ms Pascale as well as Counsel at the Independent Bar in Major Indicatable criminal matters.

As a Succession Planning Lawyer, Peter understands the significance and complexity of succession planning and ensures client’s testamentary wishes are met and their best interests shall an incapacity arise, be protected for the future.

As a family lawyer, Peter assists in mediations and drafts documents to be put before a court, ensuring that his client’s position is accurately reflected and understood by the court.

Peter also holds a Business Management degree and is able to implement these skills into his everyday practice as a lawyer and for the benefit of his client’s.

Peter also assists the Firm Principal and Director Ms Pascale in complex criminal law and succession planning matters as well as in some family law matters. Both work together to achieve outstanding results for their client’s.

Peter is a member of the Law Society of South Australia and is on the Legal Services Commission of South Australia panel for criminal law matters. He is admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia and High Court of Australia.